Top 5 Weirdest Addictions.:Everyone is addicted to something it's just the w…

Top 5 Weirdest Addictions.:Everyone is addicted to something it's just the way life works. Some people are addicted to more main stream things and others not so much. There are some weird addiction out there- and thanks to the hit show my strange addictions we get a peek into those situations and were going to share some of those stories with you today. welcome back to the “world remark” top 5. Before we get started I want to know what is something your addicted to? Mine would be reality TV yeah i'm not proud of that. Let me know your answers down in the comments. Also dont forget to subscribe to our channel if you haven't already and make sure you like this video so we can keep bringing you our awesome top 5 article. Alright lets get started on our list Weirdest Addictions of the “top 5 weirdest addiction”. Top 5 Weirdest Addictions. 5. Adult Baby Starting off at our number 5 place Being an adult baby- on my strange addictions weave seen 25 year old Reilly who enjoys dressing up and acting like a baby. She has adult size baby clothes- a huge baby crib as her bed and countless stuffed animals. She says that this is how she chooses to DE stress. Riley says she spends up to 12 hours a day dressed as a baby. This all started when she was hitting puberty at age 13. One days she wanted to remember what it was like to wear a diaper so she put one on and her passion grew from there. Shortly after she had a fascination with pacifiers and oneness. Reilly says this is very unique to her and she will only tell people if she thinks they will be OK with it. 4. Toys 'Weirdest Addictions' In at number 4 Pool toys- 23 year old Mark says that he's in 15 different relationships- has this guy not heard of monogamy? Well seeing as his relationships are with inflatable pool toys I dont think they mind. He does things with them that you would do in any relationship such as- eating dinner- watching movies- and you know seeing as they are inflatable pool animals he goes swimming with them. His addiction started over 10 years ago when he bought his first inflatable friend- a whale floaty. Since then he can't help but add to the collection. He's even admitted to liking the pool floaties more than people. 3. Living Doll 'Strange Addictions” At number 3 Living doll- it's actually not uncommon for women to accentuate their makeup so they can give themselves a slimmer looking nose or larger eyes so they somewhat appear doll like. But until this man came onto the scene i've never heard of someone putting on a doll suit and having doll parties with their friends. Here we have- Robert hes 70 years old and for the past 12 years he spends his spare time dressing up as Sheri. His outfits complete with a silicone face mask- a full latex bodysuit and a wig. The term for this is being a female masker and its actually a growing subculture. Usually if people do this its to explore their gender or just have fun. Robert says he loves dressing up as Sheri because when he looks in the mirror he doesnt see a 70 year old man- instead he sees a young exciting woman. 2. Nail Polish Coming in at our number 2 place Drinking nail polish- personally I dont even know how people can bite their nails while wearing nail polish let alone drink it.Well apparently it appeals to some people like 33 year old bertha for example. She says she will drink a bottle of nail polish over a bottle of water any day. She will actually drink up to 5 bottles of nail polish in a single day. Her favourite flavour is any shade OF BLUE OR GLITTER NAIL POLISH. I didnt know that nail polishes had different flavour per Colour but everyone has their own pallet and according to her they taste different. But i'm just going to put a disclaimer out there drinking nail polish is dangerous and you should never do it. 1. Drinking and Sniffing Gasoline. And Finally in at number One Drinking and sniffing gasoline- now I know some people actually like the smell of gasoline- but drinking it? Yeah you lost me there. This is Shannon and she cannot go one day without drinking gasoline. She says its the first thing she does when she gets up and the last thing she does before she goes to bed. This is literally a deadly addiction. Gasoline is actually a mixture of 150 toxic chemicals that are refined crude oil. The addiction started 2 years ago when she would just lick some off of her hands after visiting the gas station. But now she drinks on average 12 teaspoons of it a day. She said while consuming this does burn her throat at the same time it also makes her feel good. But she also gets dizzy- has sharp pains in her stomach- and experience really sharp chest pains. Shannon acknowledges this is an addiction and knows it can kill her but she can't stop. There you have it thats our list of the “Top 5 weirdest addictions.” Thank you all for visiting. Make sure you show us some love by giving this article a big thumbs up and ill catch you in the next one.

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